Author name: Tashu Gudokin

Tashu Gudokin, an IT industry veteran, is chair at non-profit 4IR 4ALL Ltd ( ). He is a progressive socialist and a global equality advocate; who has been working in the IT Industry in different parts of the world for more than three decades. He strongly advocates leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution fostered neo-capitalism, neo-economies, 4IR technologies, etc., to promote entrepreneurship as an effective social upliftment tool. He has been living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, since 2020. Quoting him; " a lifelong socialist and a fan of Comrade Ho chi Minh, the Great, it gives me immense pleasure and emotional satisfaction to make Vietnam my 'home' .... "

Amazing Side effects of Wellbutrin : Alcohol Craving Gone!

Wellbutrin is not officially prescribed for bipolar disorder but it’s become quite popular as an off label medicine for type-2 bipolar disorder. It was added to my medication regimen, too, in Oct, 2016 and I’m currently on 300 mg per day. I started feeling its positive effects on my mood within 2 weeks of starting

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Present Achievements. Future Direction : Nov 2017

Nov 2017: Achievements in One Year Positive outlook and regained traits helped me improve every front of my life. On both personal and professional fronts; I completed many pending projects that I could not even start in the last 5 years. On the professional front, I consider the following accomplishments significant: Successfully launched Venture/Startup Builder,

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