A Blessing in Disguise?

Yes, I strongly Believe So

Covid-19 Has Completely Changed the Way World Functions.

We need a Paradigm Shift to Continue

That Gives Us an Opportunity to Reshape The World Order.

Global Employment Ecosystem

Though every aspect of our life has been affected, the Employment Ecosystem is going through a complete overhaul. Businesses are now relying more on Contract Workers & Freelancers. Remote Working to become mainstream.

4th Industrial Revolution & COVID-19

Fast pace of advancement in technologies and onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) had already been rapidly changing the employment ecosystem for the last 5 years. Self Employment & Location Independence have been becoming mainstream. 36% of US Workforce in 2017 were Self-employed. Now, COVID-19 has accelerated the onset of 4IR.
My COVOD-19 Initiatives
Now Job seekers need to adapt to the new employment ecosystem. To help them transition into the new era and to convert the new challenges into opportunities, I am launching a series of startups to promote entrepreneurship globally.
My Professional Summary
I have almost three decades of experience in the IT industry. I’m 57 and started my professional career as a System Marketing Engineer in the late 80’s after completing my Engineering Degree course. Worked for different IT companies in different business development roles until I started my own entrepreneurial journey in the late 90’s. Currently, I work with a few global IT Startups as advisor and mentor
Personal Ideology & Interests
I’m an Atheist, a Progressive Left Socialist, a Humanist and a Pacifist. Besides technology and entrepreneurship; I have deep interest in psychology, history, current international affairs, culture and classic English literature. I strongly advocate for equal opportunities to everybody in all walks of life. Globally. I firmly believe that a combination of technology, entrepreneurship and Atheism (non-theism) can help reduce the global economic disparity, which in my opinion, is one of the real root causes of the current global unrest.
My Struggle with Bipolar Disorder
I struggled with a genetic form of bipolar disorder/depression that got triggered after my father’s untimely death in Nov 1991. I was brought up by him and was extremely close to him. After more than 2 decades of sufferings, I finally succeeded in taming my prolonged and cruel bipolar disorder with the help of a new regimen of medication in Sep, 2016. Currently, I’m on 10 mg Lexapro & 150 mg Wellbutrin. I take a few Ayurvedic herbs, too. After taming this cruel monster, I created a new life road-map for myself and steered both my personal & professional life into a new and more fulfilling direction.
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Is 4th industrial revolution, that’s been accelerated by #COVID19 ,giving back the means production control to the workers?

Wish you all a Happy #SocialistSunday

#SelfEmployment #4IR

What an honest analysis! Yes, mismanaging the pull-out is the only mistake Biden made.

#KabulHasFallen #Afganistan #kabulairport #kabul

Well, any statements from #TonyBlair & Jack Straw ?

#kabul #KabulHasFallen #AfghanWomen #Afghanishtan #AfghanistanBurning

There is now a humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan. We must urgently meet our obligations to Afghan refugees, while learning the lessons of two decades of devastating war and failure.

A #Socialist perspective on #KabulFalls in one sentence — “Afghanistan is a metaphor for the entire rotting edifice of American capitalism. “

What’s happening in #Kabul , Comrades? Who failed whom?

Many of us are old enough to remember the #socialist Saur Revolution. Food for Thought to keep you busy this #SocialistSunday 🙂

Womens rights organisations globally, need to come together and put pressure on the UN, US, and our own countries to help the women in Afghanistan. Now. There is so much at stake, rights, human dignity and their lives.

Equality gained is now at risk from a Taliban takeover.

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