A Blessing in Disguise?

Yes, I strongly Believe So

Covid-19 Has Completely Changed the Way World Functions.

We need a Paradigm Shift to Continue

That Gives Us an Opportunity to Reshape The World Order.

Yes, I strongly Believe So

Global Employment Ecosystem

Though every aspect of our life has been affected, the Employment Ecosystem is going through a complete overhaul. Businesses are now relying more on Contract Workers & Freelancers. Remote Working to become mainstream.

4th Industrial

Revolution & COVID-19

Fast pace of advancement in technologies and onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) had already been rapidly changing the employment ecosystem for the last 5 years. Self Employment & Location Independence have been becoming mainstream. 36% of US Workforce in 2017 were Self-employed.

Now, COVID-19 has accelerated the onset of 4IR.

My COVOD-19 Initiatives
Now Job seekers need to adapt to the new employment ecosystem. To help them transition into the new era and to convert the new challenges into opportunities, I am launching a series of startups to promote entrepreneurship globally.
My Professional Summary
I have almost three decades of experience in the IT industry. I’m 57 and started my professional career as a System Marketing Engineer in the late 80’s after completing my Engineering Degree course. Worked for different IT companies in different business development roles until I started my own entrepreneurial journey in the late 90’s. Currently, I work with a few global IT Startups as advisor and mentor
Personal Ideology & Interests
I’m an Atheist, a Progressive Left Socialist, a Humanist and a Pacifist. Besides technology and entrepreneurship; I have deep interest in psychology, history, current international affairs, culture and classic English literature. I strongly advocate for equal opportunities to everybody in all walks of life. Globally. I firmly believe that a combination of technology, entrepreneurship and Atheism (non-theism) can help reduce the global economic disparity, which in my opinion, is one of the real root causes of the current global unrest.
My Struggle with Bipolar Disorder
I struggled with a genetic form of bipolar disorder/depression that got triggered after my father’s untimely death in Nov 1991. I was brought up by him and was extremely close to him. After more than 2 decades of sufferings, I finally succeeded in taming my prolonged and cruel bipolar disorder with the help of a new regimen of medication in Sep, 2016. Currently, I’m on 10 mg Lexapro & 150 mg Wellbutrin. I take a few Ayurvedic herbs, too. After taming this cruel monster, I created a new life road-map for myself and steered both my personal & professional life into a new and more fulfilling direction.
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Where’s the car-jacker duo’s interview?

@CNN we need transparent reporting 🙂 You cannot rob us of the pleasure of watching 2 kids giving candid explanation of why they ran away with the family car

#Vietnam #ecom market; both local & #CrossBorder, is on the verge of a boom. Growing middle class, #COVID19 , #EVFTA ; China #TradeWar etc are some of the driving factors. Above all, govt policies are very dynamic & adapt to the global changes quickly.

Rainbow of hope!

#PrideMonth2021 #pride #Pride2021 #PrideMonth

Well, these solutions are debatable but this comment made me smile :
” ……Reduced barriers to entry in a more virtual world have combined with more free time to encourage entrepreneurism – every TikToker seems to sell product via a “merch link.”

Working from home was already gaining popularity. #COVID19 expedited it. It’s not just #WFH but almost all the phenomena of the 4th Industrial Revolution have been hastened by the #pandemic Blessing in disguise?
#4IR #RemoteWork #workfromhome

Independent pros are providing game-changing talent to businesses right now—and not just to tech companies. Our Chief Economist @ModeledBehavior looks at the impact #freelancers are having on a wide range of industries:


#Religion itself is the deadliest #virus humanity ever got infected with. Now religious groups are spreading #COVID19 by their irresponsible behaviour that stems out of their unscientific & irrational belief.
#Atheism #Socialism #SocialistSunday

To honour the 215 children whose lives were taken at the former Kamloops residential school and all Indigenous children who never made it home, the survivors, and their families, I have asked that the Peace Tower flag and flags on all federal buildings be flown at half-mast.

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