Let’s Redefine Atheism

“Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods”. That’s how dictionary defines atheism. But, isn’t this definition too narrow for our times? This definition may hold good in the 16th century when the term ‘atheism’ came into existence in the English language. It may have been perfect even in the 18th century when atheism started getting foothold in Europe after Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Those were the times when religion created the backbone of our society. Theologians doubled as astrophysicists. Religious doctrines were the law of land. Philosophical positions were analyzed and seen through the prism of religion.

So, a philosophical position that evaluated every idea and concept under the microscope of rationalism and rejected everything that was not based on reasoning and scientific evidence would, obviously, come in direct confrontation with the concept of god and would be defined as “disbelief in god”

But now that religion does not play that important role in our modern society, atheism should be redefined. Its new definition should put main emphasis on rationalism, reasoning and scientific evidence; which are the actual foundation of atheism.

Besides, if we atheists consider religion to be irrational and unscientific then why are we depending upon it to define atheism? By defining atheism in terms of god and religion, we are belittling a highly scientific, rational and progressive proposition like atheism. Let’s redefine atheism. Let’s give it its own identity. Let’s give it the high place that it deserves!

Tashu Gudokin

Tashu Gudokin

Tashu Gudokin, an IT industry veteran, is chair at non-profit 4IR 4ALL Ltd ( https://4ir4all.org.uk ). He is a progressive socialist and a global equality advocate; who has been working in the IT Industry in different parts of the world for more than three decades.

He strongly advocates leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution fostered neo-capitalism, neo-economies, 4IR technologies, etc., to promote entrepreneurship as an effective social upliftment tool.

He has been living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, since 2020. Quoting him; "....as a lifelong socialist and a fan of Comrade Ho chi Minh, the Great, it gives me immense pleasure and emotional satisfaction to make Vietnam my 'home' .... "

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