No Bipolar Medicine for 10 Days. Suicidal

This video was recorded by the patient on the 24th of July 2018; about a year after starting the new regimen. It consisted of, at the point in time:


  • Lexapro: 30 mg
  • Wellbutrin: 300 mg
  • Strattera: 75mg

This was the 3rd regimen since the Bipolar Disorder triggered in the patient in early 1990 after his father's death.

This was the first regimen that worked on the patient. He had not been given any SSRI before this regimen.

Both Lexapro & Wellbutrin can NOT be stopped abruptly. Its withdrawal makes patient suicidal. It's generally tapered over a period of 1 to 3 months slowly, to avoid suicidal risk.

The patient couldn't arrange fund to fill his prescription.
This video was recorded around 10 days after abruptly stopping Lexapro & Wellbutrin.

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