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The Final Victory

Well, let me start with the happy ending. A foolish relationship decision that I took on Christmas day of 2015, pushed me into a catastrophe and resulted in a complete mental breakdown within a few months. The breakdown was severe. I became completely...

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Nobel Laureate in Literature: 2016 Revisited

October of 2016 was a very hectic month for me. Having tamed my chronic and prolonged bipolar disorder in September, with the help of a new regimen of medication, I was busy with drawing a new roadmap for my personal as well as professional life. October is also the...

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Let’s Redefine Atheism

"Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods". That’s how dictionary defines atheism. But, isn’t this definition too narrow for our times? This definition may hold good in the 16th century when the term 'atheism' came into existence in the English...

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