A Diva is Devoured; A Monk is Born.

Well, I’m starting 2021 with the above couplets that I wrote this morning. A gloomy beginning? Don’t get me started, please! What makes the couplet gloomy? Stars turning black; or ocean going dry? Do we have to necessarily associate ‘black’ with the blues (pun intended)? And, dry with cry? Why should I be happy when it’s a ‘sunny day’ and sad when it’s a ‘rainy day’? It’s not 1888 and I don’t live in London.

As Don Brazini said, “Times have changed.It’s not like the old days..when we can do anything we want!” That was 1940 and he was discussing narcotics. This is 2021 and; yes I’m also discussing narcotics. But the narcotics I am discussing is far more lethal and destructive than Brazini’s.

You guessed it; right? Far Right Menace? Wrong! I’m talking about the Literary Colonialism. It seems my revolutionary zeal has been overpowered by literary passion today 🙂 …… ( ..Continued)

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