Enticing My Son, Alex, Gastronomically to Come to India 🙂

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2019 | Pune, India

I have been trying everything and anything to make my son, Alex, come to India.


Here, I'm trying to assure him through my cook in Pune (India), Lallan Singh, that he would be served the best, home cooked European food of his choice during his visit to India, and not spicy Indian food!


Yes, curries in India are poles apart from what one gets in Brick Lane 🙂


But unfortunately, I couldn't get any of my so called family members in India to interact with my children and make them give a sense of belonging.


Absolute absence of any kind of EMOTIONAL connection & support during my horrible period in India (2007 - 2020) made my mental health conditions worse.


Had it not been for two of my loyal and selfless staff, Jitendra Sharma & Umi Mandal, who manage my ancestral properties; I would not be alive by now. They were the primary, and perhaps the only source of emotional support during my stay in India

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