Sans Chaos. Scary silence. Cheerful Darkness

Impact of input to brain’s auditory sensory on neurotransmitters is a research field that has been active even before the neurotransmitters themselves were discovered. White noise has been in existence since Freud’s time when mental health issues were considered . Binaural frequency has been effectively been used in mental health therapy.

During my rapidly cycling bipolar phases, when I’m mostly in hypomanic phase, it’s the chaos and noise that stabilises my neurotransmitters level and keeps me safe. But even the most chaotic corner of the city where my current Chaos Haven i9s situated, slowly slips into scary silence. And, that’s of Chaos Haven goes deep into scary silence

Tashu Gudokin

Tashu Gudokin

Tashu Gudokin, an IT industry veteran, is chair at non-profit 4IR 4ALL Ltd ( ). He is a progressive socialist and a global equality advocate; who has been working in the IT Industry in different parts of the world for more than three decades.

He strongly advocates leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution fostered neo-capitalism, neo-economies, 4IR technologies, etc., to promote entrepreneurship as an effective social upliftment tool.

He has been living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, since 2020. Quoting him; " a lifelong socialist and a fan of Comrade Ho chi Minh, the Great, it gives me immense pleasure and emotional satisfaction to make Vietnam my 'home' .... "

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